Our Customers Are Our Greatest Asset

At Moab Printworks we know that our success depends on you, our clients, and this page is devoted to them with our thanks. We always strive to bring the highest level of service to assure satisfaction. To that end, we use only the finest materials for our framing, printmaking and other services. For example, our frames are sourced exclusively from Larson-Juhl, the No. 1 source of quality frame moldings. We use acid free mats and mounting materials and treat each piece of art with care.

Local art collector Richard Codd recently brought us a limited edition print to frame. It has a hand-written title, but the title was too far down on the paper to include in the mat window. We solved it by cutting the title and centering it in a little peek-a-boo window in the bottom of the mat. Richard chose an orange frame to accentuate the colorsof the truck, and we added a double mat in ivory with an orange accent mat.

Local watercolor artist Jon Frank recently came to us with a challengeā€¦to use our creative skills to create an unusual frame for an abstract picture he made years ago. We came up with an entirely new approach, using our 44-inch ten-color pigment printer to actually print on a mat. We copied the art, toned it down and made a mat to highlight the abstract patterns of the art. We added a floated 8-ply black accent mat and a black-and-silver frame to create the final effect.

Sandy Hinck brought us this fascinating picture from these Covid times to frame. It’s a black-and-white limited edition photograph of Native American women in traditional dresses and wearing masks, with the masks and scarves selectively colored red. We chose to play on the colors, using a rustic red frame and a double mat in a dusky black color with a red accent. We love the challenge of creating framing styles that enhance the art.

Kelly Morgan was a client for our Printworks Photo Tours service, and she took advantage of our free follow-up post-processing service to learn how to work up her image files and make a fine art print. This is a free bonus we offer to all our tour clients. We helped her make this selective color version of an image she made at Dead Horse Point.

We recently framed this detailed topographic map of the Moab area for Ryan Anderson, who taught English and art in Moab for more than 20 years. We used a triple mat and a deep blue frame to complement the subtle greens and purples of the art.

When we frame a picture we always strive for a balance between the art and the presentation. The framing chould never detract from the art itself, but when done right it can also enhance the ovarall effect. This watercolor of native American bowls that we framed for Sue Rydman is a good example. It’s shown being shown by her friend Bruni Mason who came to pick it up for Sue. We created a double mat and frame to play on the earth tones and orange highlights of the pottery bowls.

Ari Sun from Georgia took our afternoon and sunset photo tour, which focuses on the golden hour. Here Ari is shown at Skyline Arch. He gave us a five star review on Google, saying “I had a wonderful time with David and very much enjoyed spending the afternoon with him. David is an extremely experienced photographer and world traveler. With his experience, knowledge, and expertise, my trip to Moab was made extra special.David’s work on display in his gallery is beautiful and worth taking a look at.”

Kelly Kirwin brought us a lovely artifact to frame. It is a flint atlatl point. Atlatls were throwing sticks used  by early Native Americans to project spear-like darts. We used a simple black shadow box which we lined with an ivory mat board. The point was mounted on a backing of the same ivory mat. We then applied a double mat in green with an earthtone red accent. Shadow box mounting is an ideal way to display objects, and can be used for anything from a small artifact such as this to even large pieces.