It's In Our Name: Your Source for Archival Fine Art Pigment Prints

Moab Printworks is your source for beautiful prints that can last for 100 years or more with proper care. Our pigment prints, whether photographs or art reproductions, are made with fine art printers using as many as ten different inks. As the name suggests, these are not the common dye inks used in most inkjet printers and that can quickly fade, but true, brilliant and long-lasting pigment inks. We can also produce stunning black-and-white reproductions.We offer a wide variety of sizes and paper choices, including glossy, luster and matte surfaces as well as canvas. The prints are similar to what have been called “gicleés,” but using more up-to-date technology for even greater artistic quality. Our prints are higher resolution, have greater color fidelity and vibrance, and will far outlast traditional gicleé prints.We are also a full service custom frame shop and our gallery features a selection of our personal fine art photography, while serving as a showcase of our printmaking and framing expertise. We stand ready to meet every home and office decor need and provide outstanding archival art reproductions for artists and photographers. 

A Unique New Service

At Moab Printworks we’ve developed a new framing technique that we think is unique. Unlike most frame shops we are also fine art printmakers. By marrying these capabilities, we’ve learned to print images on mats for framing. To our knowledge, this has not been done before in the way we are. It offers an infinite number of possibilities, as shown in these few examples. The artwork itself can be repeated or extended to the mat, or other images added onto the mat. This brings new creative possibilities to our offerings of the best professional custom framing in the Four Corners region..

In this example a scene with ocean waves is combined with a custom printed mat that extends the central picture but converted to black-and-white for an interesting contrast.

This framed picture of a bee is presented with a double mat, on which the image is expanded to the full size of the frame. There are no limits to the combinations made possible through this methid.

Here we have mocked up an anniversary presentation using wedding pictures. The main photo is extended onto the matboard and images of the wedding bands and bouquets added.

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